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Rediscover printing with Canon.

Not so long ago, the only way to look at photos was by developing your film at your favorite photo lab. It was quite the process and opening that photo envelope was always exciting - especially when you would discover images that we had previously forgotten. Now, things have changed. Everything is instant, presented on a screen. We look at photography in a very different way. The digital world brings a level of detail never seen before and the colors seem almost more vivid than in reality.

Photo prints in 2018 are a funny creature. It seems people have simply forgotten the various possibilities of print. Most people don’t realize the striking difference between a digital image seen on a screen and an image printed on paper. Regardless of the medium, it is virtually impossible to have an exact reproduction of an image, but the difference is now much less obvious than it was a few years ago.

The world of home photo printing offers you two distinct avenues. A professional solution with a precise workflow that requires calibration of your camera, monitor, and printer. Or a more user-friendly solution where you let the printer handle all the settings.

It’s important to realize that every time your image goes from one device to another, it's interpreted in a different way. This is why the final printed image may differ from the original image.

Canon's Pixma Pro Series printers make life easy for you.

Pixma Pro 100

This printer impresses with its speed and the quality of its colors. Perfect for black and white prints, the Pro 100 has 3 different black inks for better tonal reproduction. Compatible with the excellent Canon papers, you can print a variety of sizes up to 13x19 ". Its WI-FI mode also allows you to print directly from a compatible Canon device.

Pixma Pro 10

Very similar to the Pro 100, the Pro 10 uses one type of ink and a number of different cartridges. The Pro 10 uses pigment-based inks while the Pro 100 uses dye-based inks. Dye-based inks are more sensitive to light and may fade if exposed directly to the sun. This printer has a system of 10 cartridges compared to 8 in the Pro 100. Another advantage, a matte ink cartridge for optimized prints on matte paper. The Pro 10 delivers a more natural result while the Pro 100 delivers vivid and more saturated images.

Prograf Pro 1000

The professional printer of the series, the Pro 1000 is designed for high performance. The print size can go up to 17”x22" printed in 4 minutes 10 seconds flat. Tanks above the printheads fill before each job to avoid a crash during printing. Experienced users can adjust several functions manually and it’s compatible with all art papers. The Pixma Pro 1000 is for the photographer who demands absolute control over all their prints.

When is the last time that you had photos printed? Give your images a second life – print them!

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