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Swimming pools and fireworks, capture summer with Nikon

The summer is at our doors and it's time for vacation. Activities and everyday summer life are a perfect opportunity to take photos. Several of these activities are moments of action that require a reactive and efficient camera. A fast device that can also offer you high-quality images. A bad weather device that lets you create without restriction.

This is where the Nikon D7500 shines

Fast and accurate If you have to take pictures of a soccer game or sports event, you need to combine an accurate focus and a powerful burst mode. The D7500 allows a burst of 8 Images Per Second (Raw if you want), up to 100 jpeg or 50 raw uncompressed views in lossless 14 bits. Each movement and expression can thus be accurately captured. The powerful autofocus system ensures that each image is clear thanks to its 51 points of focus. The Burst/autofocus combination is the secret to capture great action scene.

Performs in all light conditions Whether it's a sunny day at the pool, a night to admire fireworks or a forest excursion, you will have to manage a multitude of light conditions. The with iso sensitivity from 50 to 1 640 000! You're covered.

Robustness and autonomy The daily use of a camera increases the risk of shock or being exposed to harsh conditions. The D7500 is waterproof and resistant to humidity. Another interesting feature is the autonomy of the battery. If you burst photos all day or take a long exposure, it requires a lot of energy. The battery allows you to make 950 photos on one charge!

Capture your video moments 4 k

A video is always complementary to the photo and some moments translate better with a video sequence than with a photo, and vice versa. Thanks to the responsive touchscreen you will be able to create beautiful 4 K Ultra HD films.

With the D7500, capture the most beautiful moments of summer!

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