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Fujifilm X System, pure photography

Sometimes, to innovate, you have to go back to the basics. Photography seems relatively simple; you point, you shoot – yet its backbone is rooted in complicated science. Fujifilm has been in the world of photography since 1934. The company is recognized worldwide for digital and analog cameras, films and optics. In 2010, Fujifilm announced a brand-new mirrorless camera with a fixed lens, the X100. The great surprise was that Fujifilm went for a retro looking camera in the style of the rangefinder. The camera was an immediate success. The X Series focused on simple ergonomics which emphasizes manual controls.

The X System through three cameras

The x100F

The evolution of the classic X100, this device is a luxury compact. The fixed 23 mm lens is equipped with a manual aperture ring and the shutter speed knob is accessible with your thumb. The X100F gives full control to the photographer with simplified ergonomics supported by advanced technology. The Viewfinder (the first digital rangefinder in the world) allows you to make an ultra-precise manual focus. The perfect camera for the street photographer.

The X-T20

This device is the perfect combination of the small size and high performance. As in most of the X Series cameras, you can choose different film simulations inspired by classic 35mm film from Fujifilm. The Classic Chrome and Monochrome are particularly interesting. Combined with a small lens like the 35mm f2, you have a compact camera that performs like a professional equivalent.

The X-T2

The X-T2 camera allows you to enjoy excellent X Series Lenses. The X-T2 is an elegant, robust and weather-resistant. By Integrating a 4K video mode, the X-T2 becomes one of the most complete X cameras. Several of the buttons and knobs can be customized to adapt the layout to your preferences. Everything is perfected in this camera. Fast auto-focus, dual card slots, a bright viewfinder, no high pass filter. The ultimate photographic pleasure!

Fujifilm's X series makes you want to take photos and bring your camera with you everywhere, all the time!

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