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The Panasonic ZS-100, the perfect travel camera

6 Amazing Facts about Panasonic ZS-100 Compact Camera.

If you’re going to buy a compact camera in 2018, it better be awesome. A lot of people think that their phone can do it all. Phones are good and are getting better every year - yet they will always have many limitations. If you're even mildly interested by photography you will need a dedicated camera to hone the art. Why not get a compact camera which is packed with all the professional features you will ever need in a small, portable body? In case you are wondering... the ZS-100 is king in that field.

What can you expect from the compact camera?

- An optical zoom 25-250mm (35mm equivalent)

The longest focal range available in a compact camera with a 1-inch sensor. Aperture range from /2.8 to f/5.9.

- 5 axes stabilization

With a zoom that powerful, a great stabilization system is needed. The 5-axis hybrid system allows you to shoot sharp and precise images even handheld.

- Raw files

Gives you total freedom in post-production.

- Post Focus

That feature is quite useful. This allows you to alter an image's focus after you have taken the shot. The camera takes a series of images at different focus distances and then stacks them together. Once you are ready to play with the image, simply use the touch screen to choose your ideal focus. The files can also be used to make composite images with a greater depth of field.

- 4k video and “snap movie”

The ZS-100 can capture stunning 4k video in 24p/30p. The “snap movie” feature allows you to make short clips, between 2 and 8 seconds, with shift focus effect and fade-in fade-out color effect. This is an excellent feature if you plan on making Gif's for your blog or Instagram.

The ZS-100 is the perfect travel companion. It does everything and it does it well. A zoom range unique in the 1-inch sensor field. A fast and precise auto-focus. Superior image quality.

The ZS-100 will open new possibilities and bring your images to a new level!

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