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Dare to try Sigma

Since 1961, lens manufacturer Sigma have one unique goal, optical perfection. In the shadow of the big brand who dominated the market for years, Sigma has become force to be reckon with. More professional photographers are using Sigma lenses, replacing their beloved prime 50mm by a Sigma one. Even with a growing interest in their product, the manufacturer is still unknow by a lot of photographers. Here’s a little guide to help you find the perfect lens.

Sigma build lenses for multiple brand mount such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus an Panasonic. They also have a complete Cine lens lineup.

Lenses are optimized for each type of camera. The main ones are full frame, Aps-C and mirror-less.

  • DG lenses for full-frame

  • DC lenses for Aps-C

  • DN lenses for mirror-less

Sigma lenses are divided in 3 family: Art, contemporary and Sport

Art: professional lenses built from the highest standard of the industry. Designed for artist and creators in mind, those lenses offer elegance, comfort and precision. Big aperture, wide focus ring and incredible glass quality, The Art series is for serious photographer who demand perfection.

Recommendation: 35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4, 85 f1.4, 135 f1.8.

Contemporary: Versatility is the main focus here. Small, lite, do it all lenses for everyday photograph. Mostly zoom lenses so you can carry only one lens and never miss an opportunity. Family portrait, travel photography, street photography, your imagination is the limit. No compromise on quality, just freedom to do it all.

Recommendation: 16mm f1.4 (DC and DN), 18-200 f3.5-6.3 macro, 100-400mm f5- 6.3.

Sport: Here we have lenses design for extreme environment et fast action photography. Long focal length for when you can’t get to close, like wildlife photography. State of the art auto-focus and stabilisation for sharp and precise shots. Weather and dust resistant, you can have great picture in every situation.

Recommendation: 500mm f4, 150-600 f5-6.3.

Let’s not forget another great thing about Sigma; the price. Particularly with the Art series, the quality versus price ratio is mind-blowing. Lenses like the 35mm or the 50mm are so good that their quality is often compare to lenses that are twice the price. Money is not everything but when you can have the exact same quality for half the price, it’s worth a try.

Sigma have now it’s place among the big players. Their name is associated with quality and perfection. Every time they announce a new lens the photography community is exited.

Give it a try.

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