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Protect your camera

Whether you're traveling on the seaside or doing outdoor activities in Quebec, it's always important to protect your camera.


If you are carrying your gear on a regular basis, investing in a good camera bag is essential. To choose the right bag, you need to determine your needs and preferences. Do you prefer backpacks? Messenger bags? Opening on the top, the back or the side?

Peak Design offers a great range of urban camera bags that meet several needs.

If you travel a lot, Pacsafe is a great brand with anti-theft features.


If you already have a bag that suits you and still want to carry your camera equipment, you can invest in good pouch and case. The ideal pouch will allow you to have a strap so you can safely carry the camera out of the backpack when needed.


Another way to protect your camera while keeping it close at hand is to get a strap. There are as many types of straps as there are types of photographers.

For instant access, you can hang it on your backpack with the Peak Design Capture Clip.

Add a strap that limits the swing of your device with BlackRapid.

Or use a classic strap that will allow you to wear it on your shoulder, neck or diagonally.


There are several types of rainsleeves available to protect your camera against water infiltration when shooting outdoors.

Once again, there is something for everyone's style and budget, from the simplest transparent plastic sleeve. To a more technical one.

If you use the Peak Design Capture Clip, a cover is available to protect your camera while not in use. Note that this one has several sizes, so we suggest you come to the store with your camera to make sure you have the right size.


Once you have properly protected your camera, you can also protect your lens by adding a filter. The simplest way to do so is to use a clear filter that will protect the lens in case of shock. You can also buy a polarizing filter that will improve your images when there is too much light during sunny days. Polarized filters are great to reduce the reflections on water or the excess of light on snow, they will also increase color saturation.

Finally, if despite all your efforts to protect your device it is still damaged or broken, Lozeau offers a repair and sensor cleaning service. We even repair drones! Click link below for more information or come see us in store.

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