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Lenses: Portrait

This month, we introduce the lenses for a successful portrait.

  1. An ideal portrait lens has a focal length between 40 and 200 mm.

  2. The 50mm lenses are the closest to the human eye because they cause the least deformation to your subject’s face. A focal length below 40 mm may distort your subject.

  3. Using a lens with an aperture of f/2.8 or lower will allow you to have a nice blur background. However, be sure to focus on your subject, because such an opening can quickly put your subject out of the field.

  4. A lens that go up to 200mm will allow you to be farther from your subject for the same type of frame. These lenses are ideal if you shoot a subject less comfortable with a camera, you will be farther away and he will be more confident. On the other hand, a focal length of 200mm tends to flatten the shapes and enlarge the faces of the subjects, which is not always advantageous.

  5. It’s not recommended to use wide-angle lenses for portraits because they deform the faces. However, it can be interesting to explore different focal distances with a subject to discover what you like most.

Quick tip: always focus on the subject's eye for a successful portrait.

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