L.L. Lozeau was founded in 1927 by Leo Laurent Lozeau, primarily as a wedding photography and photo finishing business. In 1940, Lozeau and his wife expanded their offerings, selling cameras and photography accessories while continuing to offer film development and printing services.


Daughter Lise Lozeau began working with her parents in 1964, thus ensuring the family’s continued presence in the business. At this time L.L. Lozeau ceased its black and white photo finishing operation, preferring to focus on camera and photography accessory sales.


When the senior Lozeau retired in 1973, Lise and husband Jean Simard took over management of the store. In 1979, L.L. Lozeau marked a Canadian first with the purchase of Quebec's first “one hour” film laboratory for colour film processing and printing, and in 1981 it went on to acquire the first 90 minute E-6 slide processing laboratory.


The year 1993 marked the arrival of Manon and Stéphane Simard, the third generation of the Lozeau family to join the business. Also at that time, the company embarked on a new era in photography with its introduction of Informatimage, Quebec's first digital camera and digital image processing centre.


L.L. Lozeau continued to innovate in 1996 when it became Canada's first photo service to offer Advanced Photo System (APS) processing services from its own laboratories.


L.L. Lozeau was honoured at the 1999 Mercuriades Awards Gala, winning the Mercure Award for best customer service given by the Quebec Chamber of Commerce. It was also among the three businesses nominated in the medium-sized business category for the "Honneur et Mérite" award given by the East End Montreal Chamber of Commerce.


L.L. Lozeau introduced its E-mage service in 2001 on the company website. The service would allow customers to access professional laboratory photo printing services from their personal computers


In 2004, L.L. Lozeau moved into brand new premises with 36,000 sq. ft. of floor space designed with the utmost attention to detail. The move would make it Quebec’s largest retail photography space, now hosted by a 170-member team entirely dedicated to customer service.


The business took another step forward with the addition of e-commerce features to its website lozeau.com in April 2008.


Always on the cutting edge of technology, L.L. Lozeau acquired the first HD laboratory in Canada in 2009. Yet another historic moment occurred in April 2009 with the unveiling of its new brand image: L.L. Lozeau, the photo-video experience. In May of the same year the company also held the first Photo and Video Show in Montreal’s Palais des Congrès.


The year 2009 also saw management of the family business officially pass from the second to the third generation.


L.L. Lozeau innovated yet again in 2010 with the installation of modern digital showcases reflecting its passion for imaging technologies.


In September 2013, L.L. Lozeau inaugurated its new professional video and rental space at 6235 St-Hubert Street.


Drones landed on its shelves in 2014, along with a wide range of revolutionary photography and video products.


Today, after more than 88 years of service, the family business enjoys the respect of the Quebec photography world and an unquestioned reputation for service quality and technical expertise. Its success is based in large part on the competence of its personnel. L.L. Lozeau is noted for its customer-based approach as well as for the wide variety of products and services offered.


Lozeau is committed to anticipating its customers’ needs and remaining on the cutting edge of imaging technology.